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Scrapper's Block Jar

This was an idea I received from a fellow scrapper and decided to make it for my sisters for Christmas! I liked it so well I made one for myself. This project is full of almost 300 ideas to use for scrapbooking when you have a block. Choose however many pieces of paper you want and use them to scrapbook with. Here is the link with the list:

My entry to KWerner CI35 challenge

This challenge really pushed me to rethink how I approach cardmaking. I saw the color challenge, had ideas of what I wanted to do but once I started the went a whole new direction. The crocheted flower on the sweater inspired me to retrieve my crochet thread and hook and revive a skill or should I say project that has meant so much to me in the past. This is the creation I came up with and I am really pleased. thank you! Version #1 Version #2

Christmas Cards 2008

This is the card I have used this year for Christmas! It works well with mass production and I will be putting these on top of presents I give at my Mom's Christmas Eve. The only variation will be in card color and watercolors, paints used on snow family. I got the idea from November 2008 Merry & Bright card.

KWerner CI #34

I am posting a scrapbook page I made for my daughters from Easter...a long time ago. In 1988 they were 2 and 5 years old. I always feel a little nostalgic when doing this especially around the holidays because they are now 22 and 25 years old and to be quite honest...I miss these two little girls. Don't get me wrong, I love the young ladies that they have become but I really miss these giggly, squirmy, and silly little girls. I think this must be what scrapbooking is about...for me. If it weren't midnight I would call them both and do a conference call just to hear their voices. Oh well, for now I will just look through more of their childhood pictures and smile...and cry a little. I will also go in a kiss my little boy (9yo) again goodnight. It just goes by too fast. Or maybe I will just make a card with the scraps...or even two and send to them. Hmmmm, we will see. Hope you enjoy this page. I have always been a little afraid of mixing papers but this was quite fun and now I …

KWerner CI#33

This is my first submission to Kristina Werner's design challenge "Color Inspiration" #33! I had so much fun! I have watched the past challenges and always wished I could do it and now I have! I am now saying to myself "What took you so long silly!" It took me awhile to get the picture the way I wanted and even took it outside but the teal came out a little cloudy...kinda like the sky! I love it though! It will probably not be my last!


I made this Christmas card for my sister, Donna. It was inspired by

Hope you enjoy!

My Favorite Scrapbook page so far!

This is a scrapbook page I did for my son...the pic and story are several years old but I am so glad I waited...I have learned different techniques that I used on this page and it made a difference. The story is so cute! He was so tired and couldn't see any way that he would finish his homework and he just puckered up and said "I wish for Robots!". He wanted them to do his homework and clean his room. I quickly grabbed my camera and started taking pics. The small pics in the lower right corner were kinda blurred and not so clear but they were needed on the page. He loves it too....The robot lights up!

Lunch Box Tin

This is how I decorated a lunch box tin I received as a gift for attending a crop. I used Prima Flowers and Anna Griffin paper. It has been a great storage place for my cardmaking kits...except I have now outgrown it. I am getting hooked on making cards...So I think I'm gonna need another container.

Explosion Box

This is my attempt at an explosion box. I made it as a gift for my Cosmetology Instructor for all that she did for me. I don't know what I would have done without her.

Good luck Graduation card for my best Friend Ellen

This is a Congrats card I made for my best friend Ellen when she graduated from Cosmetology School. I used K&Co Marcella for it with a little bit of vellum and glitter and flocking for accents. The flowers and ribbons are also from K&Co.

A new challenge!

This is my first post on my new blog! I am pretty excited! After years of experience with computers I must admit that this was at first a daunting task but was much easier than I thought. I will continue working on it and post pics of scrapbooking and cards. Welcome to my place and I hope you enjoy it...