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Happy Birthday Donna!!!

Birthday card for my sister Donna. I got this pattern and idea from "Stampin with Dawn" listed down below. I only hope my sister doesn't see this blog before the card arrives in the mail...hummm??? Maybe I should have planned for that.???? ...This is her blog.

My Mother...myself

I decided to scrapbook these pics of my mother and myself, both of us around age 18. I didn't allow my journaling to be seen but hidden as it is a very private letter from me to her. I basically wrote about how much I admire her for her strength and courage and to let her know how much I understand things...because I am a mother now with grown children...but also because of some medical information we have recently found out about her. We always knew we were loved but there was always something that kept her from the outside world. She never learned to drive and really didn't want to apparently, she kept to herself alot from other adults. Basically, if she had friends or any type of social activity it would have to come to her. While she was in the hospital recently the doctors ordered an MRI of the brain and what that scan determined spoke me a least. He advised my family that she had either had a brain injury, trauma or infection many years ago and it had damage…

2 pages in one weekend!

I can't believe it! I completed 2 pages this weekend...Yay Me! I have a page and paper carrier that holds pictures and papers that I want to scrapbook. Not really a "page in progress" holder but pretty close to it. I started putting them in there over a year ago and have decided that I will take one page out at a time and scrapbook it. I have gotten through only three of them in the last two weeks but I guess that is a start. I will be creating another one sometime over the next few days and will upload it when I am done. Wish me luck!!! I think the next one is about pics of me and my momma...both at age 18...comparisons and differences...not sure how that will work out.

It helps that my scrapbook room is organized for once...and that I love my room! Thanks to my husband...Thank you sweetie! I really love my room!

Pretty Easter Dresses!

My daughter's Cassie and Mandie...Easter 1991. Wow! So long ago! This happens to be the only pic of them that I could find in their "Hoop" dresses. The journaling tag will go behind the photo so I left it popped up so that the tag will slide in and out really easy.

It's a guy Thing! Alex with Transformer

This is a page for my son. I love the look on his face in these pics...taken 2004...he just absolutely loved and still loves Transformers and he was enjoying playing with this one...not sure of the name...sorry.

Alex at 3 years old

This is a layout of my son at 3 years old. I am currently working on his daycare, preschool and grade-school pages. I thought it might be easier to finish his book since he is only 9yrs old. Then it is on to the other kids, my husbands and myself...oh is easy to get overwhelmed when you look at it that way. I guess I will just take it a page at a time.

For Donna...New pics of my room!

Hey Donna! How's your day going??? Just wanted to let you know that I went ahead and loaded the new photos so that you can see what we did this weekend...I removed the desk in the corner and replaced it with the remember the one that I had ALL my scrapbooking stuff in when I first started? We also added a shelf over the left side of the countertop so now Buddy can sit in my chair and not worry about hitting his head on my other shelf with my stamps on them. Take care and talk to you soon!
love ya

In the pic below...look underneath the counter to the right...just beside the drawers...I have an outlet box...this one has 6 plug ins! I have another one that you can not see that is next to the other drawers and to the back under the counter...for my printer, phone, computer, and stuff I want plugged in long term with 6 plugs as well. This was Mikels idea...I had told him to take them off because we weren't using them for…

KWerner CIC #50

This is my entry as well as my card for my friend Rachel who is having a baby Boy! I wanted to make it special and just for her. I loved using the masking technique for the babies and letters as well as the embossed paper for the contrast. I made it a larger card because his momma...being rather crafty herself is not only going to put it on a scrapbook page...but she is making a little book of greetings and well wishes, from all her friends and family, for her little one and wants to use it as a cover for it! Cool idea Rachel!

The neat part about this? that while I was creating the scalloped edge with my corner rounder (with the guard off) two small pieces of red triangles fell onto my page...right next to this little baby...I guess SHE wanted a bow for her hair! lol!

This was so much fun! What a great way to spend National Scrapbook Day!

One Big Happy Family!

My daughters Cassie and Mandy at the May Day Parade in Catlettsburg 1993! All county schools participated in the "One Big Happy Family" theme. I caught this shot of both girls 'saying' I love you in sign language. Our own special thing!

License to Drive!!

Image age 18..just after getting my license. I also journaled in my own handwriting!!! Not too bad except for the fact that my pen was running out of ink....AAARRRGGGGHHH! Hidden journalling behind the three flower pocket show my pass and fail test papers. Can't believe I even kept them.

Deer playing in my yard!!!!

This is the picture I was able to capture as the deer walked through my yard. I was scared all weel last week because we had trees and limbs falling all around us and onto our porches but this picture is priceless and why I love living here.

Would have been my entry KW CI

I was going to post this as the latest entry on KWerner CI #39 I think or maybe #40 but didn't get it linked in time. Oh well, at least I got my Mamaws page done right???

My sister and I on Easter 1971???

I love Paperazzi paper sets!!!

This is my sister Sandy and myself years ago in our Easter outfits. I finally won and we got pantsuits instead of dresses that year!!! Yeah me!!!

KWerner CI#38

This is my submission for this challenge. It is a technique that I had never tried before and will probably use again...with a little practice

My Sister...Survivor!

This is a page dedicated to my sister, Sandy. A Breast Cancer Survivor. Christmas 2004 I made her a pink ribbon quilt as a tribute toher strength and courage. The story is told in the large hidden journaling tag on the left of the page.

My pages


KWerner CI #36

This is my entry to this weeks challenge. This is probably my most favorite paper and color combination and I used them to complete a page for my son Alex and my great-niece Hanna. I decided to use the "scraps" to make this card.