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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Valentine Project...Late! I know!

This is part of the Valentine project that I was to post last Monday night just in time for Valentines Day but I ended up in the hospital with a pretty serious situation. I am on the mend! So here is the Mailbox I created for this post. I also have a mini album that goes inside but it isn't quite where I want it to be now. I had decorated it very simply and will post pics sometime today or tomorrow. I am getting to use my new camera I got for Christmas though from my wonderful hubby! It is a Kodak Easyshare and is pretty neat and easy to use...anyway! I hope you like my Valentine mailbox even if it is late! LOL!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Wow! So much has happened in this last few weeks...even more so the last few days!

I am alive and praising the Lord! I thank you all for your calls and well wishes. I hope this answers the questions some of you all have asked me! As most of you know I had to have a heart cath last week and while the results of that were negative, about 5 days later I experienced what is called a Pseudoaneurysm of the Femoral Artery and a larger sized blood clot in my right leg. A procedure was done to repair the aneurysm or pseudoaneurysm...and well I am on blood thinners and other meds for a bit to take care of the clot. I will need to go to the clinic twice a day to receive injections and will be going back for an ultrasound of the clot next tuesday to see what has gone on with it in the meantime. They are suggesting a second procedure at that time to go in an try to remove the clot and install a "filter' in the artery below the lungs to prevent the blood clot from going into the lung. I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and will keep you all posted, Please continue to remember my family in your prayers! Love and Prayers to you all!
I have a couple of projects that I need to tweak that I was using for my post with Just a Few Friends. I had every intention of posting it on Monday night but this was the night I had to have emergency surgery. So I will put the finishing touches on and take my pictures and post as soon as I possibly can! Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wanna go on a Scavenger Hunt!

Well Ladies! It is that time again! The Pride of Ladies from Just a Few Friends are up to some fun! Wanna go on a Scavenger Hunt?? Between February 5 and the 7th we will be posting the pictures of SVG files for these neat Valentine cards. Only those who leave me their email address on MY specific SVG post will get this file. So what that means is that you have to keep checking back during these days to "capture" my part of the file!

But most of all ENJOY!

Here are the links to the other members of JAFF

Starting with Elsa at



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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Celebrating Valentine's Day...Month!

Hello All! Welcome back to our den. Our Pride has been busy creating some wonderful Valentine projects. Are you ready to have some fun again with JAFF Just a Few Friends! What we are gonna do is meet several times this create projects relating to February, Valentines Day, Love and all that good stuff! I am so excited! We hope to inspire you to create and be as excited about your craft as we are! We are going to have a scavenger hunt during our time together this month so keep prowling around our blogs and maybe you can get some Kitty Treats that we have prepared for you! We will be posting in 2 day intervals, with our Scavenger Hunt starting on the 5th. The Pride wants as many of you to go hunting with us! We will show you what to hunt for, we hope you will join us in our little game.

My first project is a crocheted lace heart stiffened and embellished with my paper flowers! Enjoy!