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"Strut your Style" Blog Hop!

Good Day all!  Welcome to our September  "STRUT your STYLE" HOP!  A special welcome goes out to our new cubs!  Pay no attention to the fur flying everywhere as we hustle and scratch to get our projects done and uploaded!  lol!  We want to take this time to encourage or inspire you to use all those wonderful goodies you have collected!  I have absolutely made a declaration...I will stop hoarding all these awesome supplies! I will be holding nothing back!  I am gonna cut them up, rip them up and then put them all together again to make projects and page layouts that will make anyone who looks at them smile and get the warm fuzzies!  My project was inspired by our recent Wooden Frame Swap that we did here at Just a Few Friends!  Since I had never made one...I just couldn't seem to stop!  I hope you Enjoy!   

Once again...if you have reached my page by accident then please back up and start at the beginning with Elsa

 But if you came he…

Just a Few Friends Frame Swap

We at the Pride...of Just a Few Friends...have been really busy over the last few months!  Our Pride of Lions has grown quite a bit and while we are still doing our monthly projects and hops we have taken on the tasks of doing different swaps with each other.  This month we signed up, got our partners and then we went to creating!  This months swap was for a wooden frame swap!  I got Linda's name and Margaret got mine!  This is the frame I created for Linda using cream, pink and browns!  I hope you enjoy!

And I really hope Linda likes this frame I created for her!

Just wanted to share some pictures of the frame I received in our Monthly Swap and my frame was sent by Margaret with Aunt Margaret Designs

Thank you Margaret for the work you put into making this lovely frame!

Altered Purse for my secret sister Elsa!

Good Morning Everyone!  I just wanted to share an altered project that I did.  The ladies at Just a Few Friends (JAFF)  participated in a swap where we exchanged names with each other and the original five members worked on this project since February.  We wanted to make sure we had enough time to complete this altered purse but also we wanted to fill it with goodies for our "sisters" .  I got Elsa's name and to be honest ....I was stumped!  But I thought about her talent and creativity and I was able to think outside of the box...sothis is what I came up altered purse I made for my secret sister!

Pics for my sister Donna 1970 CHS class reunion


Fun new nail art!

This is a new nail art design that I created today in between clients...I know it is so silly but I had so much fun doing it!  It made me smile!  I know the cats tail is way too long but I think it is still okay.  Enjoy!