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My Flowers for January Flower Swap at the Beach

Lyla is back hosting her flower swap for January, and since it is my Birthday month I decided I really wanted to participate. The address for the "Beach" is . For the swap I created 3 flowers, white (sorta...silver works doesn't, aqua and purple. We were also asked to create a stick pin to match. I used my die cuts with my Big Kick to make most of the flower shapes as well as some of my regular punches. I did have some problems with the colors after I was finished....the purple actually looks pink in certain lights...not sure why that happened but overall I was satisified with the look. I then applied Glossy Accents and Diamond dust to create the wintry and icy effect that I wanted.
I put the flowers and pin on a double tag. The first tag was made by using some recycled acrylic or plastic sheeting that was on some toys and other items I had purchased. I cut them with my cricut (this worked great!) then embossed them using my cuttlebug…

Another finished project!

I participated in a Tag swap called "Save the Ta Ta's" in October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. While contemplating what to do with all my tags I felt I really wanted to make them into a small tag book of sorts and put them on my shelf for inspiration. This is what i finally did. Another project taken off my "To Do" List.

Our Girls layout

This is a layout I have been working on for most of this last year...qualifying it as a former unfinished project. I have joined the Unfinished Project Group at the
Mark this one off my list!!!!

These pictures are of my mother and my daughter's and step-daughter. My mom told me the story that whenever my dad was alive and I would pull into the driveway with my daughters she or he would say "There's Our Girl's". When I got remarried and Callie came into the picture it was still Our Girls. As the years went by it changed to Mine and Mikel's Girls...including Mom. Therefore the Title "Our Girls" The picture of Cassie, Mandy and Callie was taken in 2005 and the picture of Mom and the girls was 2007. I am so glad I finished this page but I am still not sure it will fit into a page protector of a scrapbook but I am gonna try. lol

Completed Carriage blanket for my Sister Donna!

I posted a picture of this blanket a while back but have added the final detail of flowers in the lower right corner. She received it today and I am very happy with the way it turned out. I guess it is practice for when I become a grandmomma! lol

Birthday Mini album for my step Daughter Callie

This is the mini album I made for my step-daughter, Callie. She has always loved animals and would bring home every stray that she could get away with. With her love for animals she is going to be a Vet tech. So this album is for her! Happy Birthday Callie! Love you!

Matchbox Mini Ornament!

I just completed a matchbox Mini Ornament! I am so excited with the way it turned out! The mini was featured by Kim from the glitzyglamourgals at on December 4th I believe on their ustream channel, the address is Thanks Kim for the wonderful instructions! You were right they are addictive!

Snow day at the Hornsby House!!!


Monkey in my Locker!

I just had to share with you all the project my 11 year old son Alex created for his Fine Arts class. They were instructed to make/create something to sell and this is what he came up with. It was his idea totally! I love it! They wrote up marketing plans and did some research with that.

The monkey is attached/glued to jute rope and at the top it has a Heart magnet that will stick to the locker. He found the heart magnets on the side if my refridgerator and asked if he could have it. I helped him with the hot glue gun and also getting him the items that he needed. I even surrendered my packaging fom my shipping tags so he could use it. He gets his grade tomorrow and I can't wait! He got to use my Big Kick and really loves it and even told his dad that he was about to lose his video player kid because he thinks he might like to hang out with me in my scrapbook room! Pretty cool huh!!??

Hope you all like it...I will be showing him comments left for this post so Show him some love! lol

A New Christmas Card

While watching some ustream classes on glitzyglamourgals channel which is

I was inspired to make another type of homemade Christmas Card. The instructor or host of this particular segment was Tammy. Tammy showed us a wonderful little mini book that would be great to give as little gifts for family and friends. I will be trying this technique sometime this week but what I really like was her Christmas skunks card that she colored using watercolors with a blending pen as well as gel pens and glitter pens. So in answer to her challenge to use other means of coloring instead of copic markers this is my twist on it.
I created this card using my printer, metallic gel pens, water colors and some markers. I needed a quick card for an occasion on Tuesday and this is what I came up with. I had done similar cards several years ago using Red and Green and really wanted to try the Blues...Enjoy!
The blog address for the glitzyglamourgals is…

Embellished Paper Doilies GGG's Challenge!

This is my entry for a Challenge hosted by Maria on the Glitzyglamourgals blog address is Check them out! They have a lot of fun! I participated in their Christmas ustream this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed myself! There were numerous projects done this weekend and I encourage you to check out the recorded shows on will not be disappointed I promise you that!

Maria is located in Denmark and hosted the class on Embellished Doilies. I loved it so much I decided to do one for myself. The Challenge is to create a doily using the Christmas theme posting them on the Glitzyglamourgals blog. This is my take on her class. I still need to mount it or frame it in a shadowbox which I intend to do sometime this week. That is why you may see some of my xyron adhesive paper behind some of the just ignore that please!

Thanks so much Maria for your class I enjoyed it so much!
Hope you enjoy!

I have posted each tile individually so that you can see …