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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Exciting New things coming in February!

Well Ladies, we are ready to have some fun again! As you all know that in January I joined a very talented group of ladies to become JAFF Just a Few Friends! What we want to do is meet each Month at least once a February we will be meeting more create projects relating to February, Valentines Day, Love and all that good stuff! I am so excited! We hope to inspire you to create and be as excited about your craft as we are!

So join us here on February 1st to see what we have done!

Starting with Elsa at



and my blog


Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Design Team!

Hello Ladies! Welcome to my new adventure! I have just become a member of Just a Few Friends (JAFF).

Since most of you know Elsa with Just a Few Designs and KimiBee.I would like to take this time to announce that they along with Elsa's daughter Krystal have created a new design team! Most of their followers, including myself, have been wishing and waiting for this to happen for quite some time! I just never expected to be asked to join so I am overwhelmed and honored! Along with these ladies, myself and Linda have become JUST A FEW FRIENDS (JAFF)!!!

What we intend to do is create projects on a regular basis...sometimes monthly, sometimes more! You are invited to come along and join us for some fun projects, great company and some prizes along the way! For prize entries you must follow each blog and comment on each lady's project to be entered!

So come on in and stay for a visit with us.

Starting with Elsa at



Enjoy! If you have come from Kimi's blog to mine then please go forward to Linda's at

For my first project we were asked to create something relating to teacups, saucers or teapots...Since I collect them I was more than a little excited! For my project I have created this Teddy Bear Tea a Box! I created the box by recycling a First Aid Bandage box and covering with Butterfly Gardens paper line from Pink Paislee. The miniature tea set was a gift from my daughter when she was about 11 years old...she is now 25! The teddy bears were a set I used for a Christmas scene display every year for Christmas, except for this one!

A WORD OF ADVICE!!!! If you are recycling a me... it is easier to take the box apart and cover it, then put it back together! MUCH EASIER!

This is what it looks like set up but the following pictures show how they fit into the box.

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Almost Time!!!

It is almost time to reveal the new exciting event that will be unveiled this weekend! Saturday Morning, January 14th you will find out all the details of this next adventure I have been asked to participate in! I am so honored and excited and can't wait to share it with you all! We have all had those times when crafting that we are so pleased with how our projects are going that we could just ROAR with Pride! Other times we just smile and PURR like a kitten! Either way it is an exciting feeling when we get to craft and enjoy time with a FEW FRIENDS! Check Back Saturday for the details! To take part in ALL the fun start here

Here's a HINT!

Here is a sneak peak! HMMMM?? Getting curious??

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ready to makes some noise???

Ready for some fun! Ready for some Purrfect Projects??? Keep checking back and you will soon see for yourself! There are some fun times coming that I think you are gonna like!