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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Good Morning!  Thank you for Pouncing in with us for our Father's Day Blog Hop! You may have noticed that there are more names in our Pride than before and that is because we have some new CUBS at Just a Few Friend's aka JAFF!  Please prowl on over to their blogs not only to check out their projects for this month but also to welcome them to our group!   We hope you all enjoy!

Since this month is Father's Day we have been working on projects with this theme!  My father passed away April 22, 1996 and I miss him so very, very much!  Unfortunately I haven't exactly been much on celebrating Father's day as I used to do.  I am totally ashamed of this and I will tell you all why...I have an amazing husband, Mikel,  who is not only a wonderful father to our son but he is also a terrific father to his 4 other children and step father to my 2 daughters.  His sons, Jamie, Justin, Matthew and Alex have a wonderful man to look up to.  His daughter, Callie, still looks at him like he is her hero!  She is getting married in a couple of months and this is been very emotional for him.  Her fiancee', Robbie, is a wonderful guy but I think Mikel is a little afraid that his little princess will disappear.  Don't they know that no matter how old we get, we will, for the most part,...always be daddy's little girls???  They always speak to him and about him with all the love and respect in the world.  I am very blessed to have a son with this man...he is one of those guys that you want to raise a son with!  My youngest daughter, Amanda, just got married last July and says that she married someone just like him...which is really the greatest compliment because my son-in-law, Jason, is a wonderful guy and I couldn't have asked for a better mate for my daughter.  My oldest daughter, Cassie,  has her own special relationship with her step-father and I see a lot of my husband's personality in her fiancee' as well.  Jonathan is quiet and reserved at times but will blow you away with his humor...and his tenderness and love to my daughter as well.

So I will never again spend Father's Day only in mourning of the loss of my father...I will remember him in celebration! I will celebrate the time I had with him, all the things I learned from him...both good and bad.  But most of all I will celebrate the other special man in my husband, Mikel, who is such a wonderful father!

I hope you enjoy my Father's Day project!  I want to recognize my husband Mikel in a layout and I wanted to post a picture of a layout I did for my father a while back in remembrance of him as well.

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