Christmas Paperbag mini Album!

This is my first Christmas mini album as well as my first paperbag album. Originally I was not going to do a Christmas mini this Christmas but after seeing the one created by Jody at luv2scrap11 on youtube...I just got so inspired and had to do this one! With her permission I utilized some of her features because they were just so amazing!

The binding method was an idea I got with a tutorial from Robin Correa at or on her youtube channel

In regards to my first paperbag can be addictive! But I really put my heart and soul into this mini album so I am literally drained...pleased but really drained. I am currently going through all of my Christmas pics and I am trying to narrow down the many pics I want to put into it. I am not sure I will do another paperbag mini anytime soon...or maybe I will...hhhmmmm????


  1. Great job!! Love how this turned out with all those interactive pages! :O)

  2. Love is just divine!!! You have put alot of work into it and a lotta love too...

  3. Suzie, you really did pour your heart and soul into this album and it shows. It is absolutely gorgeous.


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