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Friday, February 18, 2011

UPDATE!!! Crocheted flowers

UPDATE! I have items posted in my Etsy store

This is not my original pattern as this pattern has been around for generations but the original idea for these flowers came about because my daughters are both engaged and my youngest wanted me to make her bridal bouquet and other flowers. This is the final rendition of my flowers! I will be making sets of 5 in 5 different sizes starting at 1 1/4" to 2 3/4". They will be up on my Etsy shop sometime early next week! I will be making them in different colors. I will also be making different sizes of leaves that can be purchased for them as well as other items! I have been busy, busy, busy!


  1. Girl! You've been busy! These are awesome!!!
    So...ummm...your not "COPYRIGHTING" these??? lol just saying...
    love ya

  2. Suzie...checked out your is just great....and your flowers really are divine!! Hugs Kimi xx