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Monday, December 19, 2011

I am a redhead again!

I really like the all over red but is such upkeep! I am almost completely white without it! Now to find a new cut!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Just playing with some more paper flowers!

I was looking at Gabrielle P's blog at and saw these flowers and thought I would like to make some. It was a lot easier than I thought! Here is what I came up with...not bad for my first try with this technique. This is the link to her blog tutorial. It is NOT a video but works pretty well.
This is the inspiration from her blog!

This is what I came up with! I still need to work on it a bit but not bad for just playing around, if I do say so myself! lol Next time I won't color tip the ends and see how that does for me.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


BECKY DUNHAM! Becky, thank you so much for all the lovely comments you made on my blog posts! Please email me at with your address and details and I will get these snowflakes in the mail to you asap!

I want to thank everyone for all their sweet, wonderful makes a girl feel really good! I totally want to do this again!

Thanks again goes to Elsa for all her hard work and planning in making this a very successful and FUN blog hop!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Will announce Blog Hop winner Dec 6th!

Hey everyone! Due to technical difficulties beyond my control I will be announcing the Blog Hop winner Tomorrow evening...December 6th! Just trying to pull all the names together to do the drawing! Thank you to everyone who participated in the blog hop and a big THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments everyone left on my blog.

Much love and thanks to Elsa for hosting the blog hop! YOU ROCK LADY!



Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Tis the Season to Hop" Blog Hop Day 3!

Welcome ! This is the “Tis the Season to Hop”! Day 3!!!
I warn you that this is gonna be a long post! LOL Thanks to everyone for their wonderful and uplifting comments! I am so excited that you are here! I have enjoyed our days of the Blog Hop and I hope you all did too! What fun! Hopefully I will be crafting my way through the rest of my Christmas quickly as these 3 days have gone by. I have loved all of the projects and have gotten so many ideas!
Keep reading for my giveaway!!!!

We are on the 3rd and final day of our blog hop and today I am doing Two posts in One! I have been working on a couple of local craft shows that ended today and have really enjoyed it but MY OH MY I believe I am tired but exhilarated! LOL But at least it is a “GOOD” tired!

Again I remind you that some of the ladies in the hop will be offering Candy so look out for those neat gifts...also make sure you become my follower and comment all 3 days of the hop on all the participating blogs in order to win the Candy Elsa will be giving away on her blog.

We hope to inspire you to create and give homemade gifts and cards this year. You should have reached this blog by way of Tmika - but if not and you have arrived here by chance please go back to the beginning with Elsa at

Hope you enjoy my project! (oops PROJECTS)!

My 3rd project is my version of an Explosion Box! I am including the written directions for you to use if you like so keep looking after the pics for that as well as my other "surprise" posting!

I am offering a "giveaway" after the pictures on this post...the only thing I ask is that you follow me and comment everyday after each post! Thanks and have a great weekend!

thanks for stopping by and please hop on when you are finished here to Emily at

Or Yolanda at


4 sheets of 12X12 Cardstock (double-sided)


bone folder

paper cutter


  • First sheet of cardstock is 12x12 (outside layer of box), score cardstock at 4” on all 4 sides. Cut out 4 corners and fold at scoreline.
  • Second sheet of cardstock, cut to 11x11, score at 3 ¾” on all 4 sides and again cut out 4 corners. You may want to decorate or embellish each section before gluing together. Glue center only to the inside center of first piece.
  • Third sheet of cardstock, cut to 10x10 score at 3 ½” on all 4 sides and cut out those 4 corners. You may want to decorate or embellish each section before gluing together. Glue center only to the inside top of second piece of cardstock.
  • Lid – Cut cardstock to 8x8 and score at 1 7/8” on all 4 sides. Cut only one side of each corner square and glue together.


  • Fold all fold/score lines for box and pages back and forth
  • You can embellish box before assembling (makes it easier to add pockets and other design features)
******Now for the "Extra" posting!******
I want to share with you all some of my ornaments that I have made and sold in a couple of our local craft shows that I have participated in! You probably will recognize the "Lacy" theme. I have rediscovered my love for crocheted lace and it feels good!

This is the mess I made before the FIRST Craft show....and the weekend before Thanksgiving!!! AAARRRGGHHH!



Baby blankets or Carriage covers

Lace Ornament covers and the little hearts


Baby Bootie & Bells Ornaments ( I literally could not keep these on my table...they ALL sold)

Christmas lollipops!

Pocket Lockets


Matchbox Minis

MY "Giveaway" is a set of 10 crocheted lace snowflakes! Just follow me and comment on all three days of MY posts of the blog hop and I will choose a winner after the blog hop is over! Have fun!