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License to Drive!!

Image age 18..just after getting my license. I also journaled in my own handwriting!!! Not too bad except for the fact that my pen was running out of ink....AAARRRGGGGHHH! Hidden journalling behind the three flower pocket show my pass and fail test papers. Can't believe I even kept them.

Deer playing in my yard!!!!

This is the picture I was able to capture as the deer walked through my yard. I was scared all weel last week because we had trees and limbs falling all around us and onto our porches but this picture is priceless and why I love living here.

Would have been my entry KW CI

I was going to post this as the latest entry on KWerner CI #39 I think or maybe #40 but didn't get it linked in time. Oh well, at least I got my Mamaws page done right???

My sister and I on Easter 1971???

I love Paperazzi paper sets!!! This is my sister Sandy and myself years ago in our Easter outfits. I finally won and we got pantsuits instead of dresses that year!!! Yeah me!!!