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Just a Few Designs Stamp RELEASE!!!

The stamps go on sale Saturday, June 22nd!   Just go to Elsa's Just a Few Designs webpage   TO GET YOUR HANDS ON THESE BEAUTIFUL STAMPS!!!  , make a purchase and comment telling her whose blog you came from an then she will do A GIVEAWAY!

Just a Few Designs Stamp Release #2

As most of you learned yesterday...Elsa with Justafew Designs and JustaFewFriends is releasing her own line of Stamps!  After years of hoping and planning...She has ARRIVED!  We have all admired her talent and have caught glimpses of her "Doodles" throughout her "Career" and have asked for more!  She has delivered and delivered Big!  She has brought together some of the Ladies...formerly from the Den and now from the Sassy 6 Mansion and we have been busy creating our projects using her images!  I am sooooo excited!  I have always loved stamps and coloring them but never was quite sure if I was doing it right...well, I have learned that there is no set way of creating!  Just DO IT! It is so fun and soooooo easy! I have rediscovered the joys of my childhood of coloring and shading and just bringing a beautifully designed image to life!  But now on a grown-up scale!  I look forward to creating with all the other stamps in her collection and believe me Elsa's sta

Just A Few Designs Stamp Release #1

Hey All!  As most of you know I cannot keep a secret!  I do not do it on purpose or anything like that...but man somehow I always slip up and let it slip out!  LOL! But NOT THIS TIME!  While I really thought I was gonna explode I didn't!  I kept the secret and now it is time to share it with all of you! Elsa with Justafew Designs and JustaFewFriends is releasing her own line of Stamps!  After years of hoping and planning...crafting and drawing...SHE HAS DONE IT!  And what an awesome line she has produced.  She has put together a group of talented ladies called the Sassy 6 and I have been invited to be one of them!  I am sooooo excited!  My skills/talents are not at a level of the other ladies because I am just learning this craft but Elsa's stamps make it so easy to do! Let me introduce you to my first stamp...her name is Lady Darla!  I wanted to think outside of the box...or at least for I printed her on Kraft cardstock and colored her with a combination of marker

Father's Day

Once again it is time for our Blog HOP!   This month is in celebration of Father's Day! We are so proud you could join us!     I have wanted to do this card for a long time as this is NOT my original idea and it is actually all over the internet BUT...this year I am doing cards with my Children's Church students and thought this would be so purrrrrrfect for what I want our kids to make for their DADS!  Not only d oes it take care of the cards for my kids but ...I get to use up a bu nch of those little sc rap mat pieces to do it! YAY!  This card has the Origami S hirt !  This is where you take a sheet of 4x6 paper and fold it in v arious ways to make a shirt for DAD!  I have made one out o f money just to show that you can make it and give it as a gi ft so DAD can go pick out his own shirt...cause ya know...these scrap mat pieces were a litt le on the WILD SIDE!  ROAR!!!! The video I used to make the Dollar shirt is at this link Dollar Origami: Collared Shirt and the link fo