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Surprise the Pride!

Hello everyone!  We are gathering once again to blog hop and pounce our way through some fun projects! This months theme was "surprise the pride" and we had complete creative freedom this month and each of us have kept our projects a secret!  How fun is that!!!  You all know me!!!  I CAN'T KEEP A SECRET BUT I DID THIS TIME!  YAY! LOL      I would like to welcome you to my blog and my "Surprise" project.   If you came to my blog by accident please go to the beginning of our hop with  Kimi at  My project is a page layout entitled Summer Blessings. I remember growing up and about this time every year the group of kids in our neighborhood would get together for a summer picnic!  We would save our money all summer, gather pop bottles to turn in for money, do whatever we needed to do to get enough money to buy chips, pop, sandwich stuff and some candy. What a picnic!  What fun we had!  We would play all day and some