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Metal Flowers!

These are the first flowers I have made using the method shown by Laura Dennison with Following the Paper Trail. Her blog is So much fun...and the metal I used I was able to use my Big Kick as well as some of my marvy punches !

Beautiful but heart wrenching song played at Memorial for Josh Williams 1981-2010

This song was played at the memorial of Josh Micheal Williams. Josh was a day shy of his 29th birthday when he died unexpectedly. Josh is the brother of my future son-in-law Jonathan Patrick William who is engaged to my daughter Cassie. While I had never met him I felt that through his family and friends that I had. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. This song was played at the conclusion of the is heartbreaking but perfect! Keep Me In Your Heart For Awhile Warren Zevon (Warren Zevon and Jorge Calderon) Shadows are falling and I am running out of Breath Keep me in your heart for awhile If I leave you it doesn't mean I love you any less Keep me in your heart for awhile When you get up in the morning and see that crazy sun Keep me in your heart for awhile There's a train leaving nightly called When It's all Said and Done Keep me in your heart for awhile Sha la la la la la la li li lo Keep me in your heart for awhile Sha la la la la la la li li lo Keep


MERRY CHRISTMAS DONNA! This is a sneak peek at Donna's Christmas present...a crocheted lace baby blanket I made for her to go into the antique baby carriage her husband bought for her. Don't worry Donna...You can't see the best feature on the blanket yet! I ACTUALLY DID POST THE VIDEO ABOUT THE MINI ALBUM PAGES LIKE I TOLD YOU...TEE HEE!

Quick video of a pocket mini!!

I got this idea from Elsa... her blog is She made it look so easy I just had to try it! While following her video I made the first page and it turned out exactly as she instructed! While making the second page...i did make a mistake...but it was still usable and I learned from it!