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Another new crocheted flower I am working on!

Okay, so I have been working on some new flowers and decided to post them! I saw them on a really beautiful layout but I can't remember whose...sorry. It might have been Gabrielle Pollaco (sp) but I can't be sure. It is one that I have wanted to do for quite some time and now I have made several variations. I will be using a burgandy one on a layout of my parents using my Prima Pastiche paper I have been hoarding...I am using it up cause I am tired of it just staying in my paper drawers! Yay! well...I will really celebrate when I get it done but I had to show you what I created this evening! Enjoy and have a great weekend! Single layer pink Double ruffle Pink Single layer off white Another center on the double Pink ruffled

Chemo Caps!!!???

I need a little bit of input from you ladies...while sitting in the waiting room with my sister Sandy, I was approached by one of the nurses and intake coordinators to see if I would be interested in making crocheted "chemo" caps for them to put in their new shop attached to the hospital. I told them that I had made caps or hats before but not specifically for chemo patients but that I would definitely be interested in trying. This is what I came up with...and I would like for you all to tell me what you think. I have other colors in mind and am working on getting a very soft lightweight cotton yarn to work with due to the sensitive skin of most chemotherapy patients. SSSSOOOOOO....What do you all think so far?

New Spring Project Just in time for Mother's Day!

For years I have always had an obsession with Teacups and saucers and have collected many sets through those years. This is one that I decided to alter and kinda do a practice run with it. Most of these flowers are from I Am Roses, Wild Orchid Craft and even a couple that I made. I have used several techniques to color them in this arrangement and look forward to experimenting with many more. I have several teacup and saucer sets in mind for my handmade paper flowers as well as my crocheted flowers. It is so easy to do and it is a great gift idea for Mother's Day! or for a "just because" gift. This is my absolute favorite one! This is the one my daughters got me for Mother's day when they were little. I love it so much! It will be the one I alter with my handmade flowers! I will post pics when I do this one...I might even do it as a ustream sometime. I have given away a couple of my collection and have concentrated mostly on miniature sets now as I have no more room

"I want Wilmore" Tim Coffey Fall Paper Line mini

I know it is springtime ladies but I am really far behind in my albums. I also mention this in my youtube video showing this mini...but I feel I need to state it again. I think that saving money is very important in todays economy but to be honest with you I waited too long to buy this Tim Coffey Fall Collection Paper Pack and almost missed getting it altogether. It took me forever to find it! I know that may not have been the end of the world but I would not have been so pleased with this mini album had I used another paper and I think that is really love what we do and what we create. So from now on I will be more careful in my spending choices! The beautiful fence and flower arrangement on the front cover was created by Anna Fearer at The album concept,creation and technique was created by Elsa with It is people like these who make scrapbooking fun and such an exciting