"I want Wilmore" Tim Coffey Fall Paper Line mini

I know it is springtime ladies but I am really far behind in my albums. I also mention this in my youtube video showing this mini...but I feel I need to state it again. I think that saving money is very important in todays economy but to be honest with you I waited too long to buy this Tim Coffey Fall Collection Paper Pack http://www.timcoffeyart.com/ and almost missed getting it altogether. It took me forever to find it! I know that may not have been the end of the world but I would not have been so pleased with this mini album had I used another paper and I think that is important...to really love what we do and what we create. So from now on I will be more careful in my spending choices! The beautiful fence and flower arrangement on the front cover was created by Anna Fearer at http://annafearer.blogspot.com/ The album concept,creation and technique was created by Elsa with http://justafewdesigns.blogspot.com/
It is people like these who make scrapbooking fun and such an exciting adventure!

It also goes with the theme of don't wait for all those "special" things. Don't just buy those special items and put them in a drawer! Use them! Wear your Chanel #5, eat off your fine china take that fun day with your family! Tell those people you love...that you love them! Don't wait! Also, don't spend your life in senseless dramas or surround yourself with people that bring that negative drama to your door...be it your front door or to the "door" of your computer called the internet! Don't spend your life just getting through the day...grab it and squeeze every ounce out of it! I fully intend to! We are here to have fun so let's have some fun!


  1. Oh my goodness! You have totally rocked this mini, love love love the paper and love your chain with the dangling acorn! HOw totally adorable, you made me wanna do fall stuff! lol
    Thanks for sharing...and you know, I do wear my best perfume even when Im at home working in yard and I tell my girls I love them everyday!
    And even though I don't personally know you, your like one of my best buddies, so I LOVE ya girl. take care...

  2. OMG!!! That fence looks great on your mini! You did a wonderful job on it!! :) Thanks for the shout out.

  3. Very nice as usual Miss Sue! This was my favorite fall paper also and what I used to create my fall mini!

  4. I love your mini!! Just love those papers Sue....Tim Coffey (yum yum yum)xxx I wear my fave perfumes and all my good clothes!! Tell my sons everyday I love em and I grasp everyday and live it to the fullest


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