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Save the DATE with Just a Few Friends!

Happy January! Welcome to 2013!!!!  I hope this posting finds you well!  I also hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and the most awesome New Year!  Thank you so much for joining us for our 1st posting of 2013! To commemorate and celebrate our first year as a group, Just a Few Friends,  our Awesome and fierce Den Alpha Elsa challenged us all to create a calendar.  So we have all been ripping and roaring with our supplies to make them special!  Now, I used to not be one for calendars except for my appointment calendar...and I have only made one in my entire crafting career.  Guess I always think of it as counting down the days of our lives but not this time!  I want to celebrate and cherish each and every day! So it is with this enthusiasm that I created this calendar as my entry.  I have never done a project in pink, white and black...with a little bit of silver thrown in for good measure!  If you have reached my  blog by accident then please go back to Elsa's blog or if you ha

Newest baby items!

 This is my latest Baby Sweater and blanket set.  I have had such a great time with these creations!

New crocheted BABY items!

New items I am thinking about making and selling. The first is a sweater set made from a baby weight yarn and is ready for newborn baby!  Baby Bunting set is completed in cotton crochet thread as well and ready for newborn baby.  The original pattern is from about I love how old things become new!