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Alex at 3 years old

This is a layout of my son at 3 years old. I am currently working on his daycare, preschool and grade-school pages. I thought it might be easier to finish his book since he is only 9yrs old. Then it is on to the other kids, my husbands and myself...oh is easy to get overwhelmed when you look at it that way. I guess I will just take it a page at a time.

For Donna...New pics of my room!

Hey Donna! How's your day going??? Just wanted to let you know that I went ahead and loaded the new photos so that you can see what we did this weekend...I removed the desk in the corner and replaced it with the remember the one that I had ALL my scrapbooking stuff in when I first started? We also added a shelf over the left side of the countertop so now Buddy can sit in my chair and not worry about hitting his head on my other shelf with my stamps on them. Take care and talk to you soon! love ya sue YOU CAN DOUBLE CLICK ON THE PIC TO ENLARGE IT. In the pic below...look underneath the counter to the right...just beside the drawers...I have an outlet box...this one has 6 plug ins! I have another one that you can not see that is next to the other drawers and to the back under the counter...for my printer, phone, computer, and stuff I want plugged in long term with 6 plugs as well. This was Mikels idea...I had told him to take them off because we weren't using them

KWerner CIC #50

This is my entry as well as my card for my friend Rachel who is having a baby Boy! I wanted to make it special and just for her. I loved using the masking technique for the babies and letters as well as the embossed paper for the contrast. I made it a larger card because his momma...being rather crafty herself is not only going to put it on a scrapbook page...but she is making a little book of greetings and well wishes, from all her friends and family, for her little one and wants to use it as a cover for it! Cool idea Rachel! The neat part about this? that while I was creating the scalloped edge with my corner rounder (with the guard off) two small pieces of red triangles fell onto my page...right next to this little baby...I guess SHE wanted a bow for her hair! lol! This was so much fun! What a great way to spend National Scrapbook Day!