Surprise the Pride!

Hello everyone!  We are gathering once again to blog hop and pounce our way through some fun projects!
This months theme was "surprise the pride" and we had complete creative freedom this month and each of us have kept our projects a secret!  How fun is that!!!  You all know me!!!  I CAN'T KEEP A SECRET BUT I DID THIS TIME!  YAY! LOL      I would like to welcome you to my blog and my "Surprise" project.  
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My project is a page layout entitled Summer Blessings. I remember growing up and about this time every year the group of kids in our neighborhood would get together for a summer picnic!  We would save our money all summer, gather pop bottles to turn in for money, do whatever we needed to do to get enough money to buy chips, pop, sandwich stuff and some candy. What a picnic!  What fun we had!  We would play all day and sometimes my Dad would let us roast marshmallows late in the evening.  Those are the awesome days of Summer Blessings because you never feel like that again in all your life!

I hope you all have enjoyed this is kinda different in a lot of ways.  I used a mix of flowers and even used the cardboard cover of a mini album I thought I might want to make some time ago but it never seemed to come together...The paper collection is the Mira Collection of K&Co from some years past. 

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Here is the lineup for our blog hop!  Enjoy!!


  1. Suzie....your layout is just gorgeous....I really do love those mix of colours....who knew they would go so well.....Thank you ever so much for pouncing and prowling with me....{{{hugs}}} my friend!!

  2. Wow Suzie, you layout is so beatiful and soothing. The colors are breathtaking. I too use to meet with friends each summer in our make shift club house. We would put our allowance money together and go buy junk food and soda pop. We would hide away for hours in our little world. Thanks for surprising us with such a gorgeous layout.

  3. Summer Blessings...I LOVE IT!!! I have much the same memories of my childhood. We must have grown up around the same time!! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to share this wonderful blog and this beautiful layout!! Love you!

  4. Suzie you LO and so pretty! I love your colors you picked for this LO! Goes beautifully with the picture and purrrrrfect :) for the theme!!!
    Love it!! hugs, Violet

  5. Very pretty layout. I love the colors that you used, so vibrant. Great job!!!

  6. This layout is beautiful! I love how you used all of the bright colors on it! Your story really hit home with me...When I was a kid our family would go on trips to the coast. While we were there, as a family, we would gather pop cans and bottles we found, and when we had enough we would all go get ice cream! Hot fudge Sundaes for me!! What a great memory you just reminded me of! Thanks for that!! You did a beautiful job!! Hugs to you,

  7. This is a very pretty Lo! Love the design and the colors! TFS!!

  8. FANTASTIC layout!!! the bright colors and that fact it has a meaning made this the perfect project!! love it!! So glad you enjoyed this month's project!!
    miss ya!

  9. Love all the beautiful colors you used in this layout Suzie! It's fantastic!


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