2 pages in one weekend!

I can't believe it! I completed 2 pages this weekend...Yay Me! I have a page and paper carrier that holds pictures and papers that I want to scrapbook. Not really a "page in progress" holder but pretty close to it. I started putting them in there over a year ago and have decided that I will take one page out at a time and scrapbook it. I have gotten through only three of them in the last two weeks but I guess that is a start. I will be creating another one sometime over the next few days and will upload it when I am done. Wish me luck!!! I think the next one is about pics of me and my momma...both at age 18...comparisons and differences...not sure how that will work out.

It helps that my scrapbook room is organized for once...and that I love my room! Thanks to my husband...Thank you sweetie! I really love my room!


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