Monkey in my Locker!

I just had to share with you all the project my 11 year old son Alex created for his Fine Arts class. They were instructed to make/create something to sell and this is what he came up with. It was his idea totally! I love it! They wrote up marketing plans and did some research with that.

The monkey is attached/glued to jute rope and at the top it has a Heart magnet that will stick to the locker. He found the heart magnets on the side if my refridgerator and asked if he could have it. I helped him with the hot glue gun and also getting him the items that he needed. I even surrendered my packaging fom my shipping tags so he could use it. He gets his grade tomorrow and I can't wait! He got to use my Big Kick and really loves it and even told his dad that he was about to lose his video player kid because he thinks he might like to hang out with me in my scrapbook room! Pretty cool huh!!??

Hope you all like it...I will be showing him comments left for this post so Show him some love! lol



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