Our Girls layout

This is a layout I have been working on for most of this last year...qualifying it as a former unfinished project. I have joined the Unfinished Project Group at the http://www.scrapbeach.ning.com/
Mark this one off my list!!!!

These pictures are of my mother and my daughter's and step-daughter. My mom told me the story that whenever my dad was alive and I would pull into the driveway with my daughters she or he would say "There's Our Girl's". When I got remarried and Callie came into the picture it was still Our Girls. As the years went by it changed to Mine and Mikel's Girls...including Mom. Therefore the Title "Our Girls" The picture of Cassie, Mandy and Callie was taken in 2005 and the picture of Mom and the girls was 2007. I am so glad I finished this page but I am still not sure it will fit into a page protector of a scrapbook but I am gonna try. lol


  1. Beautiful layout & story, Sue! Awesome job on crossing something off your unfinished projects list! Yay! :D


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