A new found treasure from an old Family Friend!

This is a picture of my Mother and Father many years ago. I had never seen it until today! An old family friend was going through his mother's pictures and found it. He thought we might like to have it! YA THINK!!!

When they could afford to Mom and Dad always made Valentines Day a big deal through good and bad times. In previous posts I have told you that my Mother passed away on Valentines day last year and with that holiday coming up it has been a real difficult time for us all but this picture brings peace to my heart. Maybe Mom and Dad are trying to tell us ALL something...they are together.

This is what scrapbooking is all about and I cannot wait to scrapbook this picture for Valentines day!!


  1. Oh Sue, that is so precious. Love the picture. Your parents were a very cute couple (and they still are).

  2. Hi Suzi.....My thoughts go out to you and Sandy this Valentines Day....I will be thinking of you both! What a lovely picture of your parents...and the timing couldn't be more perfect....I believe they are telling you something....not only are they together, but they are happy!! Hugs to you both Kim xx


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