I have been blessed!

Okay everyone! I just have to tell you how special my day has been! Normally my husband and I don't do a lot for Valentine's day because I feel like it is Valentines day everyday with him! I had actually been dreading it this year because as most of you know my Mother passed away a year ago today so I was just trying to get through the day and get it over with. Well...I awoke this morning got my son ready so my Husband Mikel could take him to school when he got home from working midnights. This is where the sweetness begins! I go on with my normal routine but when I go to get a glass from the cabinet...I find this cute little Disney Princess Valentine leaned up against a glass. For as long as I can remember I have loved the Disney Princesses. I can remember even in my late teens my sister, Sandy, and I would get the coloring books and the big boxes of 64 crayons and lay in the floor watching TV while coloring. My Mother would just giggle and laugh at us and with us! We had so much fun being silly! I guess we had told this story to my husband so much that this is where he got the idea for the Disney Princess Valentines. As I went from room to room doing my everyday thing...I find more of them stashed around the house...to me...from Mikel!!! In the dishwasher, refridgerator (propped up against a cold pepsi), in my scrapbooking chair, several drawers, in my cricut and even in the mailbox! He gave me the empty box and said I would have to find them...all 32 of them! This is kinda like Easter, Goodness knows I will probably still be finding them when Christmas comes!! I have been grinning like a dork and giggling all day! But how in the world can I top this! Anything I think of pales in comparison...although I did buy him a special handgun that he has wanted for years. He said "Nothing says I love you like a Walther P38 9mm) okay...

So his attempt to keep the day light and fun and loving has worked! The only thing sad is that this is something I would immediately call my Mom to tell her about...and she would giggle...but seriously I can hear her giggle anyway


  1. That's so sweet-your mom will be happy that you are having a lovely day :) x

  2. I have tears in my eyes! This is so special! And I really believe your mom is looking down giggling with you today!
    I have never liked Valentines day. Like you, I feel every day is valentines with my husband. I did make him one of the matchbox mini's last night and wrote a sentiment to him on each page. So what are you going to do with your valentines? I think a mini with them through it would be so cute :)

  3. I too had tears in my eyes!! You have a wonderfully sweet hubby....Even I can't stop smiling for you!! I have thought of you and Sandy often today!! Hugs to you both Kimi xx

  4. awwww this is a darling of a post. What a sweet valentine. thanks for sharing it!

  5. ps Ive grabbed your blinkie!

  6. How Sweet of him !! :) Glad you spent your day with a smile on your face. :)

  7. OH Suzie, this is just awesome!! He is so thoughtful...you know for year, while my girls were still "my LITTLE girls" I would hide birthday money all around the house and have them hunt for it. Krystal and Brandi had a ball doing this. It's these type of memories that live in your mind for ever!!! So glad you enjoyed your day.
    hugs and love


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