Heritage page with Bo Bunny Time Piece

This is the picture that I have been wanting to create a layout for...and this is what I came up with using the Bo Bunny TimePiece paper collection. I love those papers and they work so well for this layout...or at least I think so. lol The flowers and Butterflies were created by Lori Yee http://loricatdesigns.blogspot.com/ on the scrapbeach during a recent flower and butterfly embellishment swap. Enjoy! There is a little goof on this page but I had already used a heavy tape so I left it...oh well, nobody's perfect!


  1. aaahhhhhh,this is so pretty!!
    Amazing work,have a nice weekend!!

  2. Woowwwwww!! You make those butterflies and flowers look so nice. Your layout is so beautiful. I really love it. Thank you so much for the shout out sweetie.

  3. Beautiful layout!! Lori's flowers/butterlies look like they were custom made for that paper!!

  4. OMG girl...love the colors!! LOVE this layout...wow...TFS!!!
    Miss chatting with ya' u, me and kimmi need to do a skype crop!!!
    lets plan!!!

  5. What a beautiful vintage layout! I have not mastered those yet, as I really don't have alot of older pictures... my Mom did not see the value in protecting precious pictures. She gave me an album of old pictures and said can you make a scrapbook.. Boy oh boy... she has 30 year old tape across them... they were clued to a album then removed and all the back of the album came off leaving the picture all heaving and wrinkled.. if it didn't fit into a space it was just cut to fit.... I almost crinkled when seeing how bad of state she had this pictures... I slowly took them apart but some are so bad wrinkled and cracked can't even scan them. To this say I'm sure she would just tape them together... even after I told her why she should never do that.. lol Anyway.. GREAT vintage picture!!
    Thanks for stopping by my gallery... I've been alittle quite as I have seen the health problems your family is going through. Not to stir up emotions I sure hope she is doing OK..
    Thanks for the compliment on newest layout.. Not sure where I"m going to post it.
    Anyway thanks again.

  6. Hey girl! How are you doing? Seems its been for ever since e have chatted!!! I so do miss you. I hope to chat wtih ya this Sunday on Ustream!! I've been busy moving my craft room, and its turning into such a huge mess omg! lol
    Well girly...keep in touch, let me know how your doing. xoxox by the way...this thing wont let me sign in! i've tried several times so i Had to sign in using my AIM ID...felcidy is my middle name.


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