My Valentine Project...Late! I know!

This is part of the Valentine project that I was to post last Monday night just in time for Valentines Day but I ended up in the hospital with a pretty serious situation. I am on the mend! So here is the Mailbox I created for this post. I also have a mini album that goes inside but it isn't quite where I want it to be now. I had decorated it very simply and will post pics sometime today or tomorrow. I am getting to use my new camera I got for Christmas though from my wonderful hubby! It is a Kodak Easyshare and is pretty neat and easy to use...anyway! I hope you like my Valentine mailbox even if it is late! LOL!


  1. Love this my Suzie Q! Hey, check my blog out on Thursday when you have time. I left an award for you! Take care lady! xoxo!

  2. Gosh girly I really loved this project of yours. I saw it in the groups den and so thought i had made my rounds to everyones blog! sorry im sorry I'm late!
    hope your doing well,


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