Just a Few Friends Frame Swap

We at the Pride...of Just a Few Friends...have been really busy over the last few months!  Our Pride of Lions has grown quite a bit and while we are still doing our monthly projects and hops we have taken on the tasks of doing different swaps with each other.  This month we signed up, got our partners and then we went to creating!  This months swap was for a wooden frame swap!  I got Linda's name and Margaret got mine!  This is the frame I created for Linda using cream, pink and browns!  I hope you enjoy!

And I really hope Linda likes this frame I created for her!

Just wanted to share some pictures of the frame I received in our Monthly Swap and my frame was sent by Margaret with Aunt Margaret Designs

Thank you Margaret for the work you put into making this lovely frame!


  1. I also meant to say the one you received from Margaret is gorgeous as well. Great job to the pair of you.

  2. LOVE IT SUZIE!!! Thank you soooo much! xoxo, Linda


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