"Strut your Style" Blog Hop!

Good Day all!  Welcome to our September  "STRUT your STYLE" HOP!  A special welcome goes out to our new cubs!  Pay no attention to the fur flying everywhere as we hustle and scratch to get our projects done and uploaded!  lol!  We want to take this time to encourage or inspire you to use all those wonderful goodies you have collected!  I have absolutely made a declaration...I will stop hoarding all these awesome supplies! I will be holding nothing back!  I am gonna cut them up, rip them up and then put them all together again to make projects and page layouts that will make anyone who looks at them smile and get the warm fuzzies!  My project was inspired by our recent Wooden Frame Swap that we did here at Just a Few Friends!  Since I had never made one...I just couldn't seem to stop!  I hope you Enjoy!   

Once again...if you have reached my page by accident then please back up and start at the beginning with Elsa http://www.justafewdesigns.blogspot.com/ 

 But if you came here through our lineup then please continue on and pounce on over to http://simpleandsassycreations.blogspot.com/

 Thank you so much to RJ, our brother cub for the gift he gave to us...a die cut lion!  I look forward to having it make an appearance each month in celebration of our Projects!  Our Pride of lions is growing and I am very proud to be a part of it!!!

Here is the lineup! 
 Elsa http://justafewdesigns.blogspot.com  
Krystal  http://krystalsnight.blogspot.com
Kimi     http://uniquescrapiness.blogspot.com
Suzie    http://scrappingsuzieqtt.blogspot.com
Linda    http://simpleandsassycreations.blogspot.com
Margaret  http://auntmargaretdesigns.blogspot.com
Bon   http://tootiebeeblebugcreations.blogspot.com
Rj       http://thriftycrafterdude.blogspot.com
Michelle http://www.creativeoperation.blogspot.com/
Sherence http://proudmommy702.blogspot.com/

Violet http://allthatscrap4him.blogspot.com


  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful frame!! the flower arranging is amazing!! I love, can i have it? lmao..j'k.
    You did a wonderful...thank for being part of this with me...and sooo happy your gonna use your paper and not hoard it!!!
    love ya!

  2. Oh Suzie, your frame is beyond gorgeous. Love the Parisian feel of it. The lines are so clean and the colors are soft and romantic. Love the way you strut your style. Roar!!!

  3. OMGGGGGGGG Suzie...You are gonna freak when you see the frame that I created for Sherain. It is like we sat in the same room next to each other in an altered frame making class!!! My oh my...we are totally connected through ESP...lol. What a GORGEOUS creation. I love it!! Beautifully Done!!

  4. GORGEOUS!!! Love this picture frame! Absolutely beautiful!! cubbie hugs, Violet

  5. What a pretty frame....love...love...the center....awesome job...tfs

  6. Beautiful...love the torn paper and of course the flowers...just beautiful

  7. The frame is GORGEOUS! I love what you did with it, just adorable!!! I liked making the frames as well, I may have to do some more, you are inspiring me, Sister Cub! Hugs and Roars,

  8. Love your frame. It's beautiful.

  9. So elegant Suzie! I love the colors and how it all flows together.

  10. Your frame is adorable! Those colors just match my workroom, I love it!


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