December Ornament Blog Hop!!

 Good Day and welcome to my Den!  Once again it is time for our Pride to pounce through our creations and bring you the PURRfect projects for the Holidays!  So please join me and the rest of the Pride of Just a Few Friends! Our WILD adventure for this month is to create a Christmas Ornament.  As you join us in our quest today and hop along with us you will be introduced to 13 different styles! 13 different inspirations to create something beautiful to enjoy your Christmas...If you landed here by chance, visit Elsa's Blog so you can hop along from the beginning and not miss a thing.  BTW...did you all know that a mother lion will move her cubs and den site several times a I guess it is cool that we have a blog event every month!!!

 My Ornament for this blog hop is a pair of Crocheted lace Christmas Baby Booties!  I have recently started creating Baby things because my husband and I are about to be grandparents for the first time!  So I created these booties to decorate our trees...I made a pair for my step-daughter, Callie and her husband, Rob(THE NEW PARENTS TO BE), her mother and step dad, Rob's parents and of course another pair for our tree!

At the end of this blog post I have shown some other projects I have been working on for local craft shows I have been doing.  I have had a lot of fun and have met some wonderful new local crafting friends in the process. If you please...check them out and then hop on along with the others!
If you've been hopping along then go on Margaret's Blog to see what wonderful creation she has for us!


Here are some other "ornaments" Baby Booties that I have been creating!  I decided to make Pink, Blue and Yellow ones for those who want the baby colors!

 New Baby Headbands

My New Angels  in Honor of all Breast Cancer Patients!

 Lace Ornaments


  1. First of all, congrats on the upcoming arrival, you are going to love being a grandparent!!! Everything you created is just stunning! You did outstanding work! I did some snowflakes years much fun!
    Merry Roars to you!!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!! You have been very busy crocheting. I love every single item you have created. The booties, the angles, and the headbands are my favorite. Oh yeah, the snowflakes are my favorite too. lol Seriously I love everything you have done her for the hop. Blessings. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  3. ohhh SUZ!!! Love love the botties and CONGRATULATIONS!! grandbabies rock! lol I wish I could crochet! I wanna make baby booties so bad, i think they are soo cute and you made them in diff colors! im so jealous! lol and the head bands are adorable!!! awww not fair! hehehe THANKS so much for participating and for the cool Lion/cub/den trivia!!! I'll have to add that to my blog some where!! love it!
    have a great day!

  4. Oh my roarness!! You have been a busy little kitten this year. I am loving those baby booties.

  5. Oh Suzie...CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Grandchildren are God's greatest joy to Grandparents!! I am so happy for you!! Your babie booties are GORGEOUS!!! I also love all of the other creations that you took the time to share!! You are quite talented my friend!!!
    Big Hugs,

  6. Congrats!! You are going to love being a grandma. It's the best feeling in the world. I love the booties! And the head bands rock!!!

  7. Wow you have been so busy with you hook :) Just lovely Suzie....all of them....I am in awe of what you can day you will have to teach me!!! We will have to "hook" up....hahahahahaha...... love ya

  8. Omgoodness!!! All your handmade creations are BEAUTIFUL!!! I especially love those baby booties!! tfs, hugs, Violet

  9. Suzie, you always have the most beautiful crocheted ornaments! I LOVE these baby booties! Congrats on your upcoming grandmother-hood :)


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