Easter Blog Hop with Just a Few Friends

It is time for our Easter Blog HOP!  We are so proud you could join us!  Our theme this year is baskets!!  I love Spring and I love Easter  annnnnnd  I love Baskets!  It is a time of new beginnings and births!  Especially in my family because this year, actually just 5 days  ago we got a new addition to OUR den…lol!  We welcomed the birth of our first grandchild, a grandson Ryuu Bishop Melton!  Needless to say I am one happy and proud grandmomma Delta! 

Once again it is also time to celebrate the greatest gift ever given!  The resurrection of Jesus Christ and our hope of salvation!  I had planned on doing Resurrection eggs with my children during our Children’s Church service this year and thought I would bring that to this Hop!  This is not my original idea and is actually all over the internet but I have found that it is so purrrrrrfect for what I want our kids to learn.  If you have not heard of it let me explain a little bit.  Taking a dozen plastic eggs we fill it with items that bring to life the story of the Resurrection!  Making it so much easier for the kids to recall!  I have uploaded the open and closed pics of the egg carton/basket and at the end of the post I have also posted individual pics of what I came up with! 

 This is our lineup!  Enjoy!

If you arrived on my blog by chance, please head on over to the beginning Elsa's Blog if you've been hopping with us...GRRRRRRRRRREAT...now pounce on over to Linda Linda's Blog

Thanks for visiting...Hope you have a Purrrrrrfect Weekend!

Here is our lineup!

Elsa       http://justafewdesigns.blogspot.com
Krystal   http://krystalsnight.blogspot.com
Kimi     http://uniquescrappiness.blogspot.com
Suzie   http://scrappingsuzieqtt.blogspot.com
Linda    http://simpleandsassycreations.blogspot.com
Margaret  http://auntmargaretdesigns.blogspot.com

Michelle http://www.creativeoperation.blogspot.com/
Sherence http://proudmommy702.blogspot.com/
Violet http://allthatscrap4him.blogspot.com
Yvette http://daileyscrapper.blogspot.com
Carrie        http://wwwcarrie-tumblingaround.blogspot.com

We all now have FAN PAGE over on FB! click on the link below,use this url http://justafewfriendz.blogspot.com/ it will take you the PRIDES page where you will find everyone's FAN PAGE address so you can come and LIKE US!!! We will be posting not only PRIDE related hops but also other projects we created hoping to inspire you to create!



  1. Oh Suzie!!! Amen!! This is by far my FAVORITE!!! We use to do the Resurrection Eggs when my children were younger...love it! Big hugs, Violet

  2. Oh my gosh, I love your basket and the idea of the resurrection eggs. I had never done this and will be adding the theme to my nesting eggs instead of the snacks. Blessings and thanks for sharing. Sherain

  3. Oh my goodness Suzie! I love that you made the egg carton into a basket. I also love the resurrection eggs. Our church always does those too! Super cute:)

  4. This is just awesome! I love that you incorporated everything into your project. Nicely done!!
    Hugs and roars!

  5. Wow!! that's is awesome. Perfect!!!!

  6. I just love the printable for the resurrection eggs. This was the first time we did the resurrection eggs. The kids loved them. http://childrenaretreasuresfromheaven.blogspot.co.nz/

  7. Thank you so much for sharing our free printable Resurrection eggs sheet that we made!!!! :) We love to see that others are getting great use from it!!!!!!!! YAH!!!!!


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